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The International Seminar on Surgical and Molecular Pathology 2021, in memory of Dr. Israel Borrajero

International Seminar on Surgical and Molecular Pathology 2021

 Hosted by: IAP Mexican Division

On November 26th and 27th 2021, on Puebla city,  Mexico the International Seminar on Surgical and Molecular Pathology 2021 in memoriam of Dr. Israel Borrajero was held.

The International faculty included former Dr. Borrajero’s residents, that today are practicing pathologists in different countries of Latin America and Spain.  The seminar in hybrid mode had 67 attendants online and 14 on face to face mode, from them 54 were pathologists and  27 students. 

The seminar included Surgical Pathology cases with molecular alterations that define new entities. Other topics where Next Generation Sequencing, Digital PCR and SARS COV-2 issues were also reviewed. Professor Llomabart Bosh, did an elegant Plenary lecture in memoriam of Dr. Israel Borrajero about “The new challenges of anatomic pathology in the precision oncology era.”

The welcoming presidium was integrated by Dr. Robert Osamura, IAP president, Dr. Ray McMahon IAP Secretary, Dr. Mario Perez Peña Diaz Conti, president of the Mexican Board of Pathology and Dr. Aldo Alcaraz Wong, FEDPATMEX president.

During this opening ceremony, Dr. Osamura shared the next quoted message:

“First of all, let me congratulate you all on this successful Seminar, and I would like to express deep condolences to Dr. Israel Borrajero who passed away at the age 91. I heard that he was a Doctor of Science who had not given up in his search for the truth until his last day of life. Lately, he was working on the autopsy studies of COVID-19 patients in Cuba. Dr. Antonio Llombart Bosh, a longtime leader of IAP will give a talk later entitled “In memory of Dr. Israel Borrajero. 

Opening ceremony

Participant's screen

It is known the IAP is dedicated to the advancement of Pathology through educational exchanges worldwide. IAP has more than 50s Divisions and more than 10000 members all over the world. We have been emphasizing education by organize seminars, tutorials and webinars. 

As a President, I thank you for your continuous support for the IAP activities in Latin America. The IAP organizes biennial International Congresses. Dr. Sergio Sanchez Sosa will organize the International Congress in October 2024 in Cancun. We all are looking forward to the successful meeting.  In 2024, I hope we will meet you on site in person. 

As you know, pathology is under evolution to integrate molecular and digital pathology. Our daily practice needs genomics for diagnosis and treatment of various cancers. Digital Pathology is widely used for daily practice of surgical pathology and is on the progress to application of Artificial Intelligence.  Telepathology will communicate various places in the word real time and expected to contribute to the world-wide education. With this background, I am sure that such seminar as you organize today is very important.   

Last not at least, I wish you a good luck on achievement in pathology, both surgical and molecular. Thank you very much - Muchas Gracias.”  

On behalf of FEDPATMEX Latin America Assembly and LABOPAT, thanks to The Academy for the support given for this academic activity.

Sergio Sanchez Sosa, MD.




Closing ceremony