Vol 61 No 3  2021 

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Report of the 12th Asian-Pacific IAP Congress in Okayama, Japan

By  Dr. Tadashi Yoshino 

We really hoped to organize the 12th APIAP meeting on-site in Okayama, however, due to COVID 19, it had to be held as on demand web system. All special lectures, thirteen symposia, two educational session and workshop, and CAPA session were available to all audiences by on demand November 1 to14. And, the LIVE Q&A and business meeting were by live system on November 11&12. I thank the IAP central for their assistance and promotion. Total participants were around 400. And I sincerely thank the former President Prof. Dietmer Schmidt for the special lecture, Prof. Mary Washignton, Prof. Ian A. Cree, and Prof. John Robert Sringley for the WHO&ICCR&AJCC special joint session, and Prof. Robert Y. Osamura for the David Hardwick memorial lecture. All audience were deeply impressed by these special lectures and sessions.

I am surprised by two points. The first point, scientific level of Asian and Australian pathologists who are most (over 90%) speakers and chairpersons are really high. I strongly believe that scientific level is closely related to the countries’ power, i.e. economic situation. I found most speakers have been involved in the WHO classification, especially in the 5th series that is the standard of diagnostic pathology. I strongly believe that Asian-Pacific IAP will be more and more active. The second point is that young pathologists who participated in the educational session and workshop of “next generation pathologists” were all very active and though rather small numbers of pathologists in some countries, their passion is definitely remarkable.

You can see how active the 12th Asian-Pacific IAP Congress was in attached photos. Lastly, I really hope we can meet at Fukuoka in 2026 in the IAP Congress.

Image above shows the LIVE Q&A of the lymphoma session. 

Image above shows the Workshop of the Next Generation Pathologists in APIAP. 

Business meeting : the 2025 meeting will be held in Thailand.