Vol 61 No 1 2021 

Page 4

Introducing PathPresenter

An Innovative Platform of Pathology by Pathologists for Pathology Practices

PathPresenter is a web-based platform, built by academic pathologists whose passion is to educate, promote collaboration, and provide the best educational environment using state-of-the-art technology. The platform allows uploading digital slides from all major whole slide scanners. It also accommodates the uploading of radiology DICOM images and various other document file types. The core education platform provides free access to more than 35,000 whole slide images (WSI), encompassing every specialty in pathology. PathPresenter allows integration of a plethora of data to use for education, research, and patient care.

PathPresenter Modules:


MySlide Box is a file management system on a HIPAA-compatible cloud. It allows upload of WSI generated from whole slide scanners with automated back-end slide de-identification software, radiology DICOM images, static images (jpg, png, TIFF), videos (mp4), and other documents (PDF, DOC, DOCX). Digital slides and other content can be publicly or privately shared with one-click as links or QR codes.


MyPresentations allows seamless integration of WSI, PowerPoint slides, radiology DICOM images, videos, and other files into one spectacular presentation. Annotations can be created to allow users quick access to specific regions of interest. Sharing of presentations with all embedded files, annotations, and attachments can be completed with a single click to be shared before or after the lecture. Lectures can easily be recorded on the platform. Integration of all formats of medical images with clinical metadata can be used for tumor boards.


The High Yield Section allows interactive and dynamic creation of slide collections that can be used as self-learning modules for trainees or as treasure box collections with linked annotations. This novel technology has created a virtual multi-headed microscope using WSI. Modules are created by renowned experts and pathology professional societies like GUPS, NASHNP, etc.

Dashboard of PathPresenter Platform showing different modules.

Viewer and High Yield Section of PathPresenter

Quizzes allow testing of medical students, residents, fellows, pathologists, or other users. Backend statistical modules allow creating visual representation of progress that can be used for evaluations. Quizzes are automatically scored and allow creators to provide feedback.


Assessments allow creating skills/knowledge assessments with answers for users to get CME certifications after completing assessments and passing with a predetermined score. CME certificates can be created and generated within the platform. Assessments can be publicly shared for quick sharing of case-based digital slides.


My Groups allows asynchronous or synchronous group messaging while holding online consensus conferences. Users in a group can share WSI with annotations and conduct polling. Group sessions can be archived for future reference.

QR code linking to a digital slide

QR code linking to a radiology DICOM image.

The Conference module allows creating single or multi-institutional conferences in which faculty can be invited from different organizations to build and deliver lectures. Attendees can be provided with pre- and post-lecture assessments, CME certification, and also virtually network with other attendees and faculty. These conferences can be part of the education modules or hosted as an independent conference.


Publication Platform

Comprehensive software to easily build ebook-like modules and allow paid/unpaid subscriptions by users on new publication module. Books can be easily constructed with differential diagnoses, quizzes, and rich media.


Data Annotation and data sharing Platform

Web based platform to share cases for research as well as get de-identified access to data from other institutions. Inbuilt tools to annotate data and download annotated data for AI and ML using the AI platform. The platform is used by various research groups and the FDA to create annotated datasets that can be used for training and testing AI models.


The utility of the platform is reflected by its daily use around the world. There are more than 650,000 user sessions from 175 countries created on the platform to teach, learn, and practice pathology. The PathPresenter software framework has been used by the World Health Organization (WHO) to convert the WHO Blue Books to a digital format; by the Digital Pathology Association (DPA), American Society of Dermatopathology  (ASDP) and the International Academy of Cytology (IAC) to create online educational material; by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and Southwestern Australian Society for annual conferences; by the International Society of Dermatopathology (ISDP) to provide CME certification, by Nagasaki University in Japan, JRS to provide second opinion services to Southeast Asia and many more. Institutions like Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Yale, UChicago, UTexas, BU, and others and private groups like Quest, Sagis, NLab, and Skin College of Australia use licensed versions of the platform for internal and external teaching and sharing of data.  PathPresenter is truly an innovative platform that has proved to be of great utility to the medical world - and one that has allowed teaching and learning to continue even in the current climate of social distancing.

by Dr. Rajendra Singh