Vol 61 No 1 2021 

Page 3

Dr. Jane DahlstromFormer Chair of Education Committee

Education Symposium 2020

A very successful and well attended symposium titled Education strategies in Pathology for the next decade was held on Monday, December 7 during the Joint European Society of Pathology (ESP) and International Association of Pathologists (IAP). This Education Session was part of the virtual meeting of the 32nd Congress of the ESP and XXXIII International Congress of the IAP.  

IAP Education Committee Meeting

The session was chaired by Peter Schirmacher and Jane Dahlstrom. Speakers included Eli Pikarsky (Israel), Richard Scolyer (Australia), Christoph Roken (Germany), Fred Bosman (Switzerland), Marta Cohen (UK) and Marilyn Kinloch (Canada). Topics presented included: “what are key research competences for pathologists and how should they be trained?”, “do we need physician scientists in pathology”, and “how does academic pathology remain attractive for board certified pathologists. Over 550 participants attended the session.

Our educational session at the virtual and interactive 110th USCAP meeting (13-18 March 2021) is aptly titled Pathology Education in Time of COVID & Post-COVID and is being organised by Ghazi Zaatari, the new chair of the IAP Education Committee. We look forward to your attendance.

by Dr. Jane Dahlstrom