Vol 55 No 2  2014 

Vol 55 No 2 2014 

103rd Annual Meeting of The United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology

Prof. Dr. Adonis De Carvalho 

Pathology takes a walk through the Island of Sicily

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INTERNATIONAL PATHOLOGY (ISSN 0020-8205)published quarterly by the International Academyof Pathology.Circulation 23,000 worldwide.IAP WEBSITEhttp://www.iaphomepage.orgPRESIDENTSamir S. Amr,Chairman, Dept of Pathology and LaboratoryMedicine,King Fahad Specialist Hospital,Dammam, Saudi ArabiaEmail: samir.amr48@gmail.comSECRETARYDavid F. HardwickUniversity of British Columbia Faculty of MedicineVancouver, CanadaEmail: iap.secretary@ubc.caTREASURERJ. Allan TuckerLouise Lenoir Locke ProfessorUniversity of South AlabamaMobile, USAEmail: atucker@usouthal.eduEDITORRobin A. CookeMayne Medical School, University of Queenslandand Pathology QueenslandBrisbane, AustraliaE-mail: cooker@ozemail.com.auDESIGNLuke Perkins GraphicsBrisbane, AustraliaEmail: l.perkins@bigpond.comVol 55 No 2 2014Continued overReport of The 103rd Annual Meeting of The UnitedStates and Canadian Academy of PathologyMarch 1-7 2014, San Diego, CAThis report was written by Bruce Smoller beforehe retired. In the absence of an executive VicePresident, it has been edited by Robin Cooke andJeff Monks. The graphic, “Reporting by Numbers”was designed and supplied by Stan Sands of CreativeAgents, CA.PresidentsDr. Jeffrey Myers turned over the gavel and thePresidency to Dr. Celeste Powers, Medical Collegeof Virginia.(Dr. John Goldblum, Cleveland Clinic is the newPresident-Elect).PostersStowell-Orbison Poster AwardsThere were three co-equal recipients, in no specificorder:• [104] “Frequent Inactivating Mutations of theCohesin Complex Gene STAG2 in Ewing’s SarcomaAssociated with TP53 Mutations and PoorOutcome”David A Solomon, Andrew Brohl, Jung-SikKim, Wendy Chang, Young Song, Jose AntonioLopez Guerrero, Isidro Machado, ZengfengWang, Joanna J Phillips, Daniel H Wai, VioletteShahbazian, Poul Sorensen, Andrew E Horvai,Timothy J Triche, Markku Miettinen, AntonioLlombart-Bosch, Todd Waldman, Javed Khan.University of California, San Francisco, CA;Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York,NY; Georgetown University, Washington, DC;National Cancer Institute, NIH, Gaithersburg,MD; University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain;National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD;Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, CA; Universityof British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.• [884] “Identification and Validation of ProteinBiomarkers of Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapyin Muscle Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma”Alexander Baras, Nilay Gandi, Enrico Munari,Sheila F Faraj, Mohammad Hoque, MarkSchoenberg, Trinity Bivalacqua, George J Netto.Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.• [895] MED15 “Encoding a Subunit of the MediatorComplex, Is Overexpressed at High Frequencyin Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer”Martin Braun, Zaki Shaikhibrahim, RoopikaMenon, Anne Offermann, Angela Queisser, Diana Boehm, Wenzel Vogel, Kerstin Ruenauver,Christian Ruiz, Tobias Zellweger, MariaSvensson, Ove Andren, Glen Kristiansen, NicolasWernert, Lukas Bubendorf, Sven Perner.University Bonn, Germany; University Basel,Switzerland; University Orebro, Sweden; Ce-Gat, Tuebingen, GermanyIn addition, three honorable mentions wereawarded:• [279] “Extensive Rewiring of Epithelial-StromalCrosstalk Networks in Breast Cance”Eun-Yeong Oh, Stephen M Christensen, NicholasW Knoblauch, Laleh Montaser-Kouhsari,Andrew H Beck. Beth Israel Deaconess MedicalRight: Daniel Luthringer from the Cedars-SinaiHeart Hospital, Uni of California, LA, had aposter demonstrating his findings in patientswith chronic Chagas Disease coming to cardiactransplantion. Some of the transplanted hearts alsodeveloped Chagas disease. At his poster he met upwith Wun-Ju Shieh from CDC, Atlanta who hadbeen doing the serological testing for him. They hadnot met before this.Left: The esplanade and marina.Below: Yasemin Akdas and Guliz Barkan withtheir poster in which they demonstrated the socialnetworking that occurs via the membership ofEditorial Boards of Journals.Below right: Gaetano Thiene from the Universityof Padua with the authors of one of the posters byItalian pathologists.Right: Nicole de Martinis is a medical student who is working with Prof.Walter Finkbeiner in the University of California, San Francisco. She is makingbeautiful whole organ sections and mounting them on filter paper using theGough Wentworth technique. This was introduced in the 1940s by JethroGough and Mr.J Wentworth from the Uni. of Wales in Cardiff. Gough wasinvestigating the ‘coal miner’s lung’ which was a common and debilitatingcondition affecting coal miners in Wales and elsewhere in the world. Thelungs were inflated after removal from the body, floated in formalin for a fewdays. Then processed and the paraffin blocks were sliced using a large sledgemicrotome. This allowed for comparison of the pathology with the clinicalfeatures and the X ray findings. Walter Finkbeiner had some old whole specimenson which the technique could be used.Left: Aurelio Ariza with a group of authors from SpainBelow: Ming Zhou from NYU Langone Medical CenterJeff Myers passes the gavel of office to new President Celeste PowersContinued page 3La Jolla BeachRight: The doors to the Trade Displayarea open at precisely 9.30 am onMonday morning and the Delegatesstart streaming in.Continued page 6Center, Boston, MA• [1547] “Expression, Function and TherapeuticTargeting of the CD70-CD27 Signaling Pathwayin Acute Myeloid Leukemia”Christian M Schurch, Carsten Riether, AdrianF Ochsenbein. University of Bern, Switzerland• [1558] “Detection of T-Cell Clonality byNext-Generation Sequencing in Mycosis Fungoides”Kari E Sufficool, Christina M Lockwood,Ian S Hagemann, Jonathan A Schumacher,Todd W Kelley, Eric J Duncavage. WashingtonUniversity School of Medicine, St. Louis,MO; ARUP Laboratories, Salt Lake City,UT; University of Utah School of Medicine,Salt Lake City, UTCourses and ConferencesLong Course“Practical Points in Gastrointestinal Pathology:A Case Based Discussion of Common Dilemmas”by Course Directors: Joel Greenson and LauraLamps.Short CoursesFifty nine were presented.Special Courses• “Genomic Medicine for Pathologists: What youNeed to Know” by Richard Haspel• “Leadership, Collaboration and Change inHealth Care - Essential Skills” by Carol Farver,Phyllis Huettner and James Stoller.• “Clinical Application of Next Generation Sequencingfor the Management of Patients withSolid Tumors” by Jeffrey Ross (presented forthe first time.)• “Basic Principles of Cytology” by Dr. TarikElsheikh.Evening Specialty ConferencesThere were 19 organ based conferences.Companion Society Conferences28 Companion Societies met on Saturday nightand Sunday.Special lecturesNathan Kaufman Timely Topics Lecture“A Framework for Clinical Genomic Sequencingin Cancer”Dr. Arul Chinnaiyan, University of MichiganSchool of Medicine.Maude Abbott lecture“Catch a wave and you can see real far: PancreaticCancer in the Year 2014.”Dr. Ralph Hruban, Johns Hopkins MedicalSchoolSpecial AwardsDistinguished Pathologist AwardDr. Henry Appleman, University of Michigan.President’s AwardDr. Richard Kempson, Stanford University.F.K. Mostofi Distinguished ServiceAwardDr. Fred Barr, National Institutes of Health.Ramzi Cotran Young InvestigatorAwardDr. John Iafrate, Massachusetts General Hospital.Benjamin Castleman AwardDr. Valetina Nardi, Massachusetts General Hospital.F. Stephen Vogel AwardDr. Ghassan AlloHarvey Goldman Master TeacherAwardDr. Christopher Fletcher, Brigham and Women’sHospital.Other activities of theUSCAP• There is continual development of the onlineeducational material• A cocktail reception for residents, membersAbove: FK Mostofi, Distinguished Service Award: Fredric Barr& Jeff Myers.Above: Timely Topics lecture: ArulChinnaiyan.Above right: Ramzi Cotran YoungInvestigator Award: John Iafrate & GeoffreyGolden (Chair of Pathology at Brigham andWomen’s Hospital).Below: Distinguished Pathologist Award:Henry Appleman.Above: Castleman Award 2014: Valetina Nardipresented by David Louis in the library of the Mass.Gen. Hospital beneath the portrait of BenjaminCastleman after whom the Award is named.Above; Jeff Myers presents Past President Linda Ferrell with themeritorious service medal.Right: President’s Award: Richard Kempson.Above: Harvey Goldman Master Teacher Award - ChrisFletcher & Geoffrey Safitz, Chair of Pathology at Beth-Israel Deaconess Medical Center.Above: Stowell Orbison Awardees: Laura Lamps (Chair of the Education committee of the USCAP)& David Solomon, Martin Braun, Alex Baras.4Above: Maude Abbott LecturerRalph Hruban.Below: F Stephen Vogel Award:Ghassan Allo (University ofToronto).Above: Wahil Sakhr presenting an award for long service to the Arab Divison to Ghazi Zathari. Ghazi isProfessor of Pathology in Beirut, Lebanon.Below: Hillcrest Hospital, Universkity of San Diego. Residents and staff, Donna Hansel center black dress,Mark Valasek 2nd L.Speakers at the palaeopathology Companion Meeting: Pedro L. Fernandezand Enrique Gerszten (Co-Chairs) and John W. Verano and Tori D.Randall, (Speakers).Above: Speakers at the CompanionClub meeting of the Binford-Dammin Society of InfectiousDisease Pathologists combinedwith the Papanicolaou Society ofCytology. Topic: The Applicationsof Cytology in Infectious DiseaseDiagnosis. Speakers: PamMichelow (Johannesburg, SouthAfrica), Andre Moreira (MemorialSloan-Kettering Cancer Center,New York), Stephen Schmechel(Uni of Washington MedicalCenter, Seattle), Andrew Field (StVincent’s Hospital, Sydney).Below: Retiring Executive Vice President of the USCAP, Bruce Smoller and the Augusta team he has led for the pastthree years. Kia Gray, Kerry Crockett, Travis Newman, John Garrard, Annette Dixon, Jeff Monks, Carolyn Lane, BruceSmoller, Nancy West, Stacie Wells, Denice Chinn, and Teresa Powers.Above: History of Pathology meeting. Topic: The School ofAnatomy during the Italian Renaissance.Speakers: Fabio Zampieri, Uni of Padua,Maximillian Buja, Houston Texas,Gabriella Nesi, Uni of Florence, GaetanoThiene, Uni of Padua.Laft: Friends of Africa Associationmeeting. Yawale Ilyasu, (Lagos, Nigeria),Kemi Esan (Formerly from Nigeria).Right above: Delegates coming down theescalators for the opening of the doors tothe Trade Display.Right: Robin Cooke (Editor of the NewsBulletin) with Rebecca Johnson recentlyappointed OIC American Board ofPathologists.Left: For the firsttime at a USCAPmeeting the IAP hada stand in the TradeDisplay area. CharlesRamey, HK Ng, JimCrimmins.Right: JapaneseDivision DinnerSteven Silverberg,Robert YoshiyukiOsamura, YuichiIshikawa, TakakoKiyokawa, OsamuMatsubara, YukioNakatani (Prers ofthe Division), RyoheiKatoh.Urgent statementon the CurrentSituation inThailandConfirmation that the IAP2014 will go ahead asplanned.Please be assured that the situationin Bangkok is secure andmanageable, there was no violenceor loss of life or property during theimplementation.Prior to the intervention of theMilitary, the political disagreementsbetween pro and anti-governmentsupporters were relatively intense.Although several attempts at multilateraldiscussion had been made,no concrete conclusion was agreedupon. However, there was a growingconcern for the situation resultingfrom breakouts of random attacks ofviolence from government supportersin which a few lives were lost.The Military had the responsibilityof maintaining peace and order,to ensure the safety of all Thaicitizens and visitors. When the situationwas becoming uncontrollable,the Military had to temporarilystep in to the role of parenting theState so that civilians can live theireveryday lives in peace, and untila fair and just general election canbe held.Although, we are currently in thestate of curfew, we are still workingas usual. People are able totravel normally. Many conferencesand exhibitions, including internationalones, are and will be runningas planned. Shopping centers, restaurants,and touristic places arepeacefully opened and filled withshoppers and tourists as usual.The airports and flights are routinelyoperating as usual. Peoplefeel less intense and are becominghappier. You can see from the stockexchange reports that economicconfidence is recovering. We believethat the curfew will be over soon,and peace will return again.Once again I would like to assureeveryone that the IAP2014 Congressfrom October 5-10, 2014 willbe held as planned and that it will besafe for you to attend.I would like to thank you sincerelyfor your support, and we willbe waiting to welcome you at theIAP2014 Congress, Bangkok.Pongsak Wannakrairot, MD.President, IAP2014 CongressPresident, IAP Thailand Division.President, Royal College ofPathologists of Thailand. AssociateDean, Faculty of Medicine,Chulalongkorn University.Above: Residents’ lunch. Therewas plenty of food and plenty ofspace in which to eat. Dining wasavailable inside, at tables or sittingaround the room. The dining roomopened onto a sun deck with aview over the harbour.Left: Essia Saiji, Christina Isacson,Shyamab Yennam. Back: KariSufficool, Kae Schwetve, ArchanaShenoy, Ashnini KesnakulaLeft below: Jinrong Cheng, HeHuang, Yue sun. Having lunch onthe sun deck on a balmy autumnday with the harbour in thebackground.Below: Kris Herlitz on hisinspection vehicle. He is responsiblefor recruiting the members of theTrade and for the setting up of thedisplays and the signage around theConvention Centre.Above: USCAP Stand. Mypath is beingadvertised. Jeff Monks, Jim Crimmins, JohnGarrard.Above left: Hilary Servaino, PenvadeePattanaprichakul, Shannon Marsh, MelanieFox, Georgina Scouse, Steven BillingsLeft: Aleksandra Paligg, Charles Suarez,Jennifer Hunt, Oyedele Adeyi. Back:Georgina Scalise, Sunny Lee.Right: Samuel Buraschi, Jeff Myers,Constantin Friedman, Sanjay PatelIn October, 2013 Juan Rosai assistedby his colleagues, Jeronimo Forteza andRobert Young organised another of hiswalking/riding tours that combined Pathologylectures given by distinguished pathologistswith exposure to the culture, historyand scenery of an important destinationbordering the Mediterranean Sea.For 2013 they had planned a tour of theL to R: Leonard Kahn, Robert Young, Juan Rosai,Jeronimo Forteza Vila, Manuel Sobrinho-Simoes,Claudio Tripodo, John Chan, Fabio Facchetti, JoséAntunez-Lopez, Judith Ferry, Robert Kurman,Elizabeth Montgomery. Not shown: Jonathan Epstein,Kristin Henry.ValeProf. Dr. AdonisDe Carvalho(1928-2014)Dr Adonis de Carvalho was the firstLatin American Pathologist to bePresident of The International Academyof Pathology (1986-1988) and he wasalso the first Latin American to receivethe IAP’s Gold Medal (1998).He was without a doubt one of the mostrelevant Brazilian and also Latin AmericanPathologists.He was Full Professor and EmeritusProfessor of the Pernambuco University,Chair of the Pathology Department of thePernambuco Cancer Hospital, Presidentof the Brazilian Society of Pathology andPresident of the Medical Regional Council.He was the mentor of several generationsof Brazilian and international pathologistsamong them, last but not least, his beloveddaughter Maria do Carmo and granddaugtherPaula.Apart from having had an outstandingperformance in the many and very welldeserved academic and institutional positionsthat he occupied, Adonis was anunpretentious man, who deeply loved hisfamily and truly valued friendship aboveall things. He was an indefatigably hardworker with a proverbial enthusiasm foreach challenge and for each day. Hopelessnesswas a feeling completely unknownto him. A noble spirit who lived with aconstant ethical attitude.Those of us who had the pleasure ofhaving worked with him are fully awareof the privilege of having known him, ofthe responsibility derived from his exampleand of the deep sorrow for his absence.The latter might be mitigated by thecertainty of knowing that on February12, 2014 Adonis finished his fruitfullife surrounded by the profound love of hisfamily and friends, and the sincere respectof his colleagues.Eduardo Santini Araujo, President Electof the IAP.Editor’s commentI think it is fitting that the formalfarewell to this great man is writtenby the first South Americanpathologist to become President ofthe IAP after Adonis himself. Onbehalf of his many friends andassociates from the IAP I wouldlike to join Eduardo in offering ourcondolences to his daughter Mariaand his grand daughter Paula. Alsoto his son Marcus who is a full professorof History in the University ofPernambuco. His wife Cecy Macieldied two years ago..Above: Adonis Carvalho with his daughterMaria at the presentation of the GoldMedal of the IAP in 1998.Below: Adonis Carvalho with his beloveddaughter Maria and granddaughter Paulawho have followed him as pathologists. Hereceived a special award from MarcelloFranco the President of the InternationalCongress of the IAP in Sao Paulo in 2010for his distinguished service to Pathologyin Brazil.Pathology takesa walk throughthe Island ofSicily.Holy Land, but this did not eventuateand the Island of Sicily was selected instead.150 people from 21 countries joined thetour which proved to be intellectually stimulatingand thoroughly enjoyable.Report and photograph by Marianna Rileyand Marshall Poger edited by RobinCooke.designed for our future leaders to meetour present ones.• Fellowship Fair - 48 stands this year• The evening Specialty Conferencejust for house staff/fellows.• The House Staff Hospitality LoungeContinuing involvement inaltruistic activities:-West Africa $15,000 and a lesser amountto the Albanian Pathology Society.ExhibitorsWe wish to acknowledge and thank the 133companies that supported this meeting.Junior members of the AcademyProgram:• Saturday seminar on Genomics byDr. Richard Hasper.• Saturday Leadership Seminar forresidents by Dr. Carol Farver, ClevelandClinic.Next year’s Annual USCAP meeting willbe in Boston, MA, from March 21-27,2015.I want to thank the membership and theleaders of the USCAP for the opportunityto serve in the capacity of the ExecutiveVice President for the last three years. Ihave enjoyed my time in this role.Bruce R. Smoller, Secretary-Treasurerand Executive Vice President, USCAP.March 15, 2014USCAP Meeting Report continued

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