Juan Rosai


A tribute from Robin Cook, Emeritus Editor of the News Bulletin of the IAP.

I would like to join Prof. Jane Dahlstrom on behalf of the members of all Divisions of the IAP to mourn the death of Prof. Juan Rosai, a colleague and a giant in the field of Pathology. As Editor of the IAP News Bulletin I was able to photograph Juan on many occasions.

I have chosen images from the News Bulletins from 2002 to 2014.

Our last meeting was at the Annual meeting of the Spanish Division of the IAP held in Zaragoza, for which he was the Honorary Co-Chair of the meeting. He and his wife and I walked from our Hotel to the Conference venue. We walked slowly because his Parkinson’s Disease was severely impeding his movements at that time.

Farewell dear colleague.

Robin Cooke

July 12th 2020

Dr. Juan Rosai next to a display of his on-line collection developed through Aperio, a company which joined with the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, thanks to the efforts of Victor Reuter and Kerry Crockett. Over 19,000 cases of this unique collection were digitized from 1,400 seminars and made available to the world pathology community. This collection is available on line for free download.

From: IAP News Bulletin 2010 No. 3

Tributes and Remembrances

Yale School of Medicine July 14th 2020: Yale link https://medicine.yale.edu/news-article/26008/

In January 2002. Juan Rosai was invited to Chair a meeting of the Editorial Committee of the WHO Classification of Tumours of the Breast. These 4 day meetings were held at the Headquarters of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France to make final editorial adjustments before publication. Front Row: Stuart Schnitt, Juan Rosai, Fattaneh Tavassoli

From: IAP News Bulletin 2002 No. 2

Juan Rosai at the USCAP in Montreal, 2006. Meritorious Awards were presented by David Hardwick to Editors of USCAP accredited Journals. John Ebele, Christiane Bailly, David Hardwick, Juan Rosai and...?

From: IAP News Bulletin 2006 No 4

At the History of Pathology Specialty Club, USCAP San Diego. Having done his talk, Juan Rosai returned to the seats to listen to the other speakers.

From : IAP News Bulletin 2007 No. 2

Juan Rosai, with other speakers at the History of Pathology Specialty Club meeting in Boston. (L to R) Juan Rosai, Stephen Geller, Brett Delahunt, Robin Young.

From: IAP News Bulletin 2009 No. 3

Richard Zarbo presents the President’s Award for Distinguished Service to Pathology to Juan Rosai

From: IAP News Bulletin 2010 No. 4

USCAP San Antonio 2011 Gold medal of IAP presented for meritorious service to Pathology. Presented by Antonio Llombart-Bosch and David Hardwick

From: IAP News Bulletin 2011 No.2

Annual meeting of the Spanish Division of the IAP, Zaragoza, Spain 2011. In the group combined Presidents of the various Societies gathered for the meeting. Aurelio Ariza (centre front row) was Chairman of the Conference. Juan Rosai, standing next to him, was the Honorary Co-Chair.

From: IAP News Bulletin 2011 No.4

In October, 2013 Juan Rosai, assisted by his colleagues, Jeronimo Forteza and Robert Young, organised the third of his walking/bus riding tours that combined Pathology lectures given by distinguished pathologists with exposure to the culture, history and scenery of an important destination bordering the Mediterranean Sea. This photo ws taken during a Pathology tour that was combined with a walk that explored the Island of Sicily. 150 people from 21 countries joined the tour, which proved to be intellectually stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable. L to R: Leonard Kahn, Robert Young, Juan Rosai, Jeronimo Forteza Vila, Manuel Sobrinho-Simoes, Claudio Tripodo, John Chan, Fabio Facchetti, José Antunez-Lopez, Judith Ferry, Robert Kurman, Elizabeth Montgomery.

From: IAP News Bulletin 2014 No 2